Ignite a Love for Reading by Creating Your Own Stories with Whimsy!

Encourage your little ones to describe their dream tale or upload a drawing, and watch as our platform transforms them into a personalized digital storybook. It's creativity, literacy, and fun all rolled into one!

Flip Through An Example Storybook

Experience the joy found in the pages of a Whimsy Book.

A New Realm of Storytelling Awaits


Create Your Own Stories

Watch your child's narrative come to life! Kids can narrate their story or upload their artwork, and Whimsy transforms it into a beautiful digital storybook in minutes.


Play Reading Adventures

Dive into personalized AI-generated "Choose Your Own Adventure" games. These interactive stories enhance reading skills while ensuring endless fun and engagement.


Digital First, Hardcover Optional

Revel in the digital experience and share your child's book online with family and friends. Fancy a physical copy? Order a hardcover version with just a click.

What Parents Are Saying

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Frequently Asked Questions

❓ How does Whimsy work?

Whimsy uses GPT-4 (the same AI behind ChatGPT) and other AI models to generate interactive stories with beautiful illustrations that adapt to your child's interests and reading level.

❓ How much does Whimsy cost?

Whimsy is free to use to read and play up to 10 adventures per month! After that, you can upgrade to our Plus plan for unlimited access.

❓ Is Whimsy safe for kids?

Yes! We prioritize safety and age-appropriateness. Our stories are carefully generated and reviewed to ensure they are suitable for children aged 12 and under.

❓ How can I provide feedback?

We'd love to hear from you! You can easily provide feedback within the Whimsy app. Your input will help us improve and create the best possible reading experiences.